About us

Topical, social and methodical competence is required where people work together.

Primecoach has more than 10 years of experience in business consulting. We offer tailor-made and flexible consulting services. As long-serving professionals and independent company, we understand different challenges and offer individual solutions and personal support.

Primecoach has a full range of services related to everything part of the investment and wealth management industry. Both strategically and operationally, we support your organization along the value chain and within the lifecycle of products and companies.

The strengths of Primecoach

Primecoach has a diverse and multi-layered wealth of experience. As a dynamic company, we adapt to your needs. We have the necessary know-how, are able to meaningfully combine and bring together and thus lead your projects to success.

Primecoach is independent in its values, in its work, in its thinking and in its finances. We are based on delivering on our customers needs and always try to provide the maximum in achievement, knowledge and service for each client while minimizing costs.

Customer focus
Every customer gets a tailor-made concept that fulfills their personal requirements. Consulting and service are always customer-oriented.

Unconventional approach
Our ideas are sometimes unconventional, sometimes frighteningly simple, sometimes futuristic. Our experience has shown that an unconventional approach leads to good analysis, advanced concepts and sustainable solutions.

We promise practical and implementable solutions. Not just on the paper. We know the ingredients for such solutions and accompany you to the end.

Practical and supervisory experience
Primecoach offers a combination of industry experience, practical experience and supervisory aspects. For years, we have developed this interaction and are keen to share this experience with you.

We offer understanding for your concerns. Often it only takes a different view to be able to pinpoint something. Every customer is personally looked after by us. The function is important, but above all the human being.