The requirements for the compliance funtion have dramatically increased.

The flood of regulation remains unchecked and it can be expected that there will be a multiplication of compliance and monitoring tasks. In Switzerland, the “Swiss Finish” is always a challenge.

Primecoach is a compliance specialist and can take over individual processes or compliance as a whole. We analyze, show potential and help with implementation.

The service catalog of our compliance services:

  • Analysis of existing business models;
  • Compliance with local legal and professional requirements;
  • Risk-based approach;
  • Analysis of responsibilities.

TheService consists of three parts:

  1. Set-up Phase – comprehensive, risk-based, generall Status Quo Analysis
  2. Establishment of requirements profile and catalog of measures
  3. Implementation

Would you like receive more detailed information on compliance topics or do you have any questions? Contact us. We will gladly inform you and send you some documents without commitment.