Fund Distribution

The fund distribution and its challenges. We can advise you!

The FIDLEG does away with the concept of fund distribution and subsitutes it with providing a service or offering and advertising. There is also no requirement for representatives of foreign QIFs, retrocessions and incentives are eliminated and the scalability of funds at the POS is limited. The information and transparency requirements as well as the data requirements are even higher than before.

The distribution chain is long and expensive!
Due to complex monitoring obligations, training expenses and partially outdated business models, the distribution chain is long and correspondingly cost-intensive (between 70% and 80% of the total value added flows into sales).

Customer proximity is key
Younger generations are well informed and have acces to critical data on their mobile and within seconds. The required data is available with just one click.

Technological change is progressing rapidly. Mobile apps, Blockchain, Smart Contracts and more are conquering the technology-neutral Swiss financial center.

The globalization of the economy and political developments present challenges that require new, innovative and modern business models. For cost reasons, it is necessary to shorten the sales channel and modernize wherever possible. A need-based and modern relationship between the asset manager and the end-customer is critical.
Make sure you are ready when the time comes and do not get caught developing a new strategy for sales within the last minute. We are happy to advise you and support you, among others:

  • in the development of innovative strategies;
  • in the preparation and execution of workshops;
  • in research, monitoring and feasibility studies;
  • in the development of implementation strategies;
  • in the development of Target Operating Models;
  • in project management; and
  • in the implementation.

Do you need support in fund distribution or do you have individual questions? Contact us. We are glad to be here for you.